Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 for Playstation 2 – Retro Game Review

EA Sports has made a name for itself as the preeminent sports video game maker. Whether you have a Playstation 2, an Xbox, or anything else under then sun, odds are that you’ll be able to play your favorite sport via one of EA’s titles. One of their best selling games has always been the Tiger Woods line. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 for Playstation 2 brings a number of new features and is redesigned for better and more realistic game play.
Tiger Woods 2006 first offers an all new Rivals mode that allows you to pit yourself against some of the greatest golfers ever on you way to becoming the greatest golfer of all time. Play against legends like Jack Nickalus, Arnold Palmer, and pros from today like Vijay Singh. Beat them and increase your overall ranking until you become the undisputed #1 golfer ever. Tiger’ll challenge you here and there, and you won’t be able to become number one until you meet his expectations. A unique aspect of the rivals mode is that you won’t only play legends of golf, but you’ll travel back in time to play them during the peak of their careers, making it even more difficult for you. Each pro will challenge you to things like long drive challenges and putting contents. Beat them and increase your ability and ranking.

Something much different in Tiger Woods 2006 than earlier editions is the new shot mechanics. Previously you could swing and put with using only one analog stick. Now you can use the other to put spin on the ball, or you can change the point of impact for fades and draws, as well as high lofted shots or low stinging drives. Putting is completely different as well. Instead of offering you distances, i.e. Aim 6 inches left and 1 foot long, you have to fend for yourself by reading the green correctly. It takes a little getting used to but it makes the game that much more realistic and challenging.

Also new to the 2006 version is the ability to place wagers on your shots and rounds. Up the ante before a challenge or match by agreeing to harder conditions or by removing clubs and skills. If you win you end up with that much more cash to spend at the pro shop. You can also call your shot. Put some cash down and see if you can bank your shot of the tree and onto the green when you are playing heads up. It’s hard, but you’ll surely impress your competitors if you can pull it off. There are plenty of new courses and golfers to keep things interesting, including a few hidden gems and players that will surprise you.
As a reward for playing well and hitting good shots, the 2006 model has a new gamebreaker meter that increases with every well-played shot. Post a low score and it increases until you can use your built up meter for making fantastic shots in clutch situations. The better you get, the more likely you’ll be able to hole out from 250 yards for a double eagle.

Tiger Woods 2006 is available for play online if you have a compatible Playstation 2 system. Up to 4 players can play, and it is rated E for everyone. You can buy it almost anywhere for around $30. This is the best golf game out there, so if you know someone who likes video games and likes golf, then this is a great gift.

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