ScanSnap Brings the Scanner and Printer Together as One Single Device

ScanSnap –  A scanner and Printer combined

There are always times when we get paperwork that we would like to save and that we find important to keep for future use. Most of the time we choose to store it in a filing cabinet and keep it there until we need to drag it out again. I know some of you are saying that you could just use a scanner to scan your files into your computer and get rid of the filing cabinet, but then you still have to shred the paper to make it disappear. In the long run a filing cabinet is cheaper than buying a shredder and a scanner as well. That’s why this new invention could change all that and change how paper storing operates for good, by employing a scanner and a shredder all in one.
So what is this new invention called? Well it’s called the ScanSnap made by Fujitsu company and it works by creating a scanner which will scan the document you wish to shred and then create a PDF image of that same document so that it can then be stored onto your computer. In this way the scanner disappears and you’re left with a shredder that can do both operations. With this type of invention you no longer have to worry about filing cabinets, though I know that this won’t make them obsolete, so don’t worry file cabinet making companies, you’re safe for now. The main drawback to such an invention is that it costs $1,001, which can be quite expensive, but the small size and portability of the unit makes it very cost effective. It doesn’t need any additional power cord like your scanner or shredder used to as the same USB that hooks to your computer also helps to power the unit itself. The other major drawback I found with such a unit is the fact that it is only for MACs at the moment. I’m not docking MACs in any way, but it will probably hurt the sales of a otherwise great product because it’s not employed to all available markets and its price already turns some people away from buying.

While this new invention has major drawbacks due to its price point as well as the fact that it is only available to MACs at the moment, I still think that it will do very well in the market. As long as the invention itself gets converted to also be used on PCs, the amount of success this product could have with consumers is endless. Even with the higher price, people who are looking to save space and time will want to buy one. Though it takes only a little bit of extra time to scan and shred documents, the fact that they can do both at the same time will save them a lot of money in the long run. The fact that someone was this innovate means other companies can now start making their own versions of the product and sell it even cheaper to consumers and make them better with even more capabilities, which means great things for the future and home and office use as we know it.

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