Frequently Asked Questions

Our private VoIP network is based on free and open encryption protocols, standards, software and solely designed to protect your phone calls by using end-to-end secure voice communications on mobile devices, as well as with desktop computers. Below you will find the answers to the most common questions. If you did not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology of delivering voice communications and multimedia over the Internet. A reasonable quality network connection is required to make phone calls over the Internet.

How do I protect my cell phone calls from spying?

If you have an Android phone, iPhone, Blackberry or PC, subscribe to one of our price plans, download and install free client software (we recommend CsipSimple for your Android devices), enter your login details received by email from us, and you are ready to start making secure VoIP phone calls to your friends, co-workers etc.

What kind of encryption do you use?

The network uses SIP over TLS for signaling encryption. Each phone client has its own cipher strength options. All calls within our VoIP network are end-to-end encrypted using ZRTP protocol and do not go through our servers. Hence call interception is not possible even if our VoIP network is compromised by a 3rd party.

How can I test that my calls are encrypted?

There 2 methods.

Method 1 (hard): Intercept voice traffic between two users of our VoIP network and ensure that the voice traffic is not sent in plain mode.

Method 2: When two users are connected (using for example the CsipSimple VoIP client) you will see a padlock and encryption algorithm used to secure your connection. Because client applications are open-source and free for everyone it is therefore guaranteed that the app does not have backdoors and does indeed establish a military grade encrypted connection.

How do I call my friends, co-workers etc?

To make secure calls, your friends or co-workers need to sign-up to our service as well. To ensure your call security, our service cannot make calls to land lines or SIM card phone numbers on cellular networks. Encrypted calls are supported within our VoIP network only. It very simple to call someone, for example: in the CsipSimple client application click ‘txt’ button, type in your friend’s user name and click the phone icon to make the call.

Does your VoIP encryption work on my mobile?

Yes! Our secure VoIP encrypted solution works on every smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Android) and every desktop (Mac, PC and Linux) through applications that support SIP and ZRTP encryption.

Can I call landlines using your secure VoIP service and have it encrypted?

Unfortunately, no. Our secure VoIP network does not support communication with telephone networks (PSTN) simply because landlines do not support ZRTP call encryption.

My secure VoIP connection is now inactive. What happened?

It looks like you are you trying to connect over a 3G or 4G network connection. Check your Internet connection settings. We suggest you use Wi-Fi to connect to our secure VoIP network.

Can you record my secure VoIP phone calls?

The phone calls within our VoIP encrypted network cannot be recorded by us or by any other party because all calls are end-to-end encrypted and do not go through our servers (peer to peer connection). Only you or the person you are speaking to can record your ongoing conversation by pressing a record button on his / her phone.

Is my conversation encrypted if no 4 digit code pops up while the call is being established?

Your connection is NOT encrypted if you don’t see a short ZRTP authentication SAS code on the phone’s screen while the connection is being established between you and the remote party. Someone is trying to intercept your call. We suggest you cancel the call immediately and try again.

Are you logging any data (calls, time, call length etc.)?

Our VoIP network logs technical information required to run the service. Users of our VoIP network cannot be identified by the data logged. No personal identification information is logged at all. Please check out our privacy policy for full details.

Is it possible to make video calls?

Not at the moment.

My Android smartphone will not allow me to install the CSipSimple client app.

Get the application directly from the Google Play Store or download it directly from the developer’s website. Make sure to enable your phone to install 3rd party applications. In the phone’s menu go to Settings -> Applications. Under unknown sources, make sure the box is checked. Contact us if you are unsure and we’ll be happy to assist.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs to use your service?

You pay the subscription fee based on your price plan only. You may be billed for internet connection, especially when using 3G, 4G or GSM by your cellular network provider. If unsure, please contact your network provider regarding the costs of internet usage. We strongly recommend using Wi-Fi internet connection when making secure VoIP calls via our private network as it will greatly improve voice quality, network latency, and in most cases it’s free to use!

Do you support text messaging (SMS) over encrypted VoIP network?

Not at the moment. However, we plan to add this feature in the nearest future.

How do I set up Secure VoIP service on an Android device?

Simply install the CSipSimple app and add your secure VoIP account information to connect to our network. Check out the full details about it here.

How do I set up your service on an iPhone or iPad?

In order to connect to our secure VoIP network, you will need to have the Acrobits or Groundwire application and add your Secure VoIP account information. Please note that unfortunately there isn’t a free or open source VoIP client for iOS yet and this version costs money. More information can be found here.

How do I set up Secure VoIP connection on Linux or Windows?

Download and install a well-known open-source Jitsi application and add your Secure VoIP account information. For more details, please refer to our secure VoIP Windows & Linux setup.