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Military Grade Protection for Your Calls

Peer-to-Peer Full VOIP Encryption

Open Source VOIP Clients

No Call Logs Stored

SIP & Cellular Providers Send Your Calls Unencrypted

Think your Skype calls are encrypted and unmonitored? Think again. Only a tiny fraction of VoIP providers offer SIP encryption (e.g. Skype) and this is rarely enabled on the SIP provider’s side, which means your voice conversation is sent as an RTP stream of data that is not encrypted or protected in any way.

Even if your VoIP network provider claims that the calls are encrypted they still go through the provider’s servers, meaning that all your voice conversations can be easily intercepted and decrypted on the fly using a well-known attack called Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM). A MiTM attacker intercepts the communication and relays messages between the two end-points, making each believe they have a secure channel to the other.

Furthermore, keep in mind that your cell phone calls are also logged & recorded by default by your network operator as well no matter what the cellular network standard is (GSM, 3G, LTE, etc.). Since call interception is done in what is known as 100% passive mode, there is really no way that you can know whether your calls are being recorded. There is simply no way that you can detect passive interception. It is also a well-known fact that governments of many countries obligate cellular network operators to store calls data for at least 6-12 months for security and analysis purposes. Moreover, many cellular standards are already cracked by hackers, allowing interception of live phone calls with a fraction of money invested into hardware. Read our article about compromised security in cellular networks.

Secure Your Calls with Military Grade VoIP Encryption

We strongly believe in verifiability and openness when it comes to providing the best privacy for voice communication. In any real-time voice encryption product, security can only be strong when the following procedures are met:

  • Unbreakable encryption algorithms (Advanced Encryption Standard AES256 or Blowfish256).
  • Strong end-to-end encryption. Mobile devices must be connected directly using unbreakable, open-source ZRTP protocol. Voice traffic must not go through a SIP provider’s servers to avoid a Man-in-The-Middle attack.
  • The secret keys used to unlock the encryption must be destroyed by the client’s software immediately after finishing a call session.
  • The client’s software must be open-source to ensure there are no backdoors built-in by a software developer which can be used to intercept voice traffic or bypass encryption.
  • Man-in-The-Middle attack protection. To provide reassurance to end-users that they have a truly secure connection. MitM is a classic method of eavesdropping on encrypted communications.
  • Simplicity and compatibility. No special knowledge should be required to use voice encryption. The client’s software must be compatible with popular smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia.
  • No logging or recording of calls by the VoIP network provider.

secure callsOur Secure VoIP Solution meets all of the above requirements. It uses encryption algorithms that are recommended for military and government secure communications and its secret keys never leave the mobile device. Furthermore, all of our secure VoIP servers are used for call negotiation procedures only (in other words to allow you to locate & establish a secure connection with the recipient’s phone). Therefore, we are the only company who can offer you truly a secure peer to peer VoIP solution since all your voice traffic is always encrypted and does not go through our servers. The encrypted connection is established between the two clients only, making impossible to exploit a MiTM attack. With the computer technology presently available to humankind, it is currently impossible for someone to decrypt VoIP ZRTP voice traffic in real-time and listen in on your conversations.

What is Your Solution to 100% Secure My Phone Calls?

Encrypted VOIP Calls

Want to secure your voice calls within your team, co-workers etc.? We offer a secure yet simple solution. Purchase access to our private VoIP network, install free VoIP client software on your smartphone, tablet or PC, enter your login details and you are ready to start making 100% encrypted calls in full privacy, as we do not record or store any information about your calls.

Private Secure VOIP Server

Organizations & individuals who require a high degree of security, control of calls, user management, high voice quality and low latency have the option to operate their own secure private voice network. We offer private secure VoIP servers which can be located in almost any customer’s choice country. Private access for your users only. Up to 3000 registered users & maximum of 1000 concurrent calls.

Robust Security

Don’t just take our word for it. Our private VoIP network operates on trusted security protocols and public key encryption allowing you to talk in complete privacy to anyone in the world over Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

No Call Logs

Your phone calls are your business. Our encrypted VoIP network by its design (peer-to-peer encrypted connection) does not allow to log or record your phone calls.  You can remain truly anonymous while using our private phone network.

Open-Source Client Apps

Extra Security Layer! Use freely available open-source applications (e.g. CSipSimple) to connect to our encrypted VoIP network to ensure there are no backdoors in your client’s app. No other VoIP network can offer you such a service.